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Monday, January 14, 2008

Link to a forum : Sharing some tips

06-05-2007(66 posts)

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"Hey guys..... After reading the financial success thread, I thought it might be a nice idea if people who have been around domains for a bit took a minute or two or three to share one or more tips.

I'll get the ball rolling and hopefully others will chime in

Try and not be a jack of all trades when it comes to domains unless you have incredibly deep pockets to begin with. Try focusing instead on a few areas. Ones you can learn about inside and out. This makes it easier to get SOME kind of momentum going, to maximize sales opportunities, to maximize monetization possibilities, to be able to spot good deals on the acquisition side, to be able to purchase domains at a fair price that you can make an immediate profit on because you know how to best monetize or you have the benefit of volume."

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Link to a forum : Any cheap org register?

12-18-2007 (12 posts)

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"I found rebel.com is doing $2.15 for .org. Is there any other register doing a similar price?

I didn't use rebel.com before. I don't know whether they are good or not."

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Link to a forum : Expired Domains

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"hi every body

I neet to buy an expired domian but when I make search i found it as unavilable so if i need to do that how can i got this domain ??

Thanks alot"

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