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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Article : Finding Recently Deleted / Expired Domains

There are many reasons why people buy expired domain names. One of the reasons these recently deleted domains are attractive is the notion that they are more favored by the search engines than new domains, and many of them carry good page rank. For example, many expired yahoo domains and those found in DMOZ contains page rank 3 and more. Furthermore, buying yahoo expired domains could save you a few hundred dollars a year.

Expired domains are web site addresses that have been registered and the owner has failed to pay to keep the domain registration. What happens a lot of the time is people register a domain name, or purchase it for a year, they develop a web site and advertise it, to get targeted traffic. But for whatever reason, the domain owner failed to or decided not to extend it when it's due for renewal.

There are many benefits for picking up recently expired domain name, unlike a new domain name, they already has traffic that can come from search engine promotion, directories, forums, back links and a whole host of other promotion methods. Such domains are obviously worth a lot of money. Register expired domain names that have traffic can be a good web site promotion technique to be used in connection with other website promotion programs. If you are looking for alternative ways to benefit from expired domain traffic to your site, they are a good investment.

Other than using expired domain traffic as a web site promotion technique, you can also buy deleted domain names and develop them into a new website. Once you have found some good quality domains that are about to expire or have just expired then you will need to back order them to give yourself a chance of getting your hands on the ones that you have found.

Surely you would know by now, that if you were to purchase a brand new domain, you would have to do all the advertising, promotion, SEO work, submission to search engines, forums, and directories yourself.

To buy expired domain traffic is all about capturing all the effort, time and money that the previous owner developed and putting it to good use for yourself. While there is no way to gauge the actual amount of traffic going to a recently deleted domain, you can find out its link popularity in the major search engines.

source : http://www.active-domain.com/expired-domain/

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Article : Cheap domain seller service

By: Grant Mannix

It is a world of computers and internet. World Wide Web has become common and reachable to everyone. The internet user can avail information on any subject desired. While you are sitting on your computer, you get connected to the rest of the world in fraction of seconds. You can order or shop anything online. So, you can say that the whole world has come to the screen of your computer on the click of a mouse.

A domain name is defined as a fixed name given to a computer or computers by which they become identifiable on the internet. These domain names appear along with the website\'s URL. Such kind of domain name is also known as a hostname.

A domain name has to be registered. It represents you or your business, therefore a suitable name should be chosen. A domain name helps you to represent your company on the internet and it can fetch you a lot of business from the online clients.

As there can be many customers asking for the same domain name, therefore, one has to be fast and choosy to get the desired name. a domain name should be kept simple and easy so that the viewers are able to remember it easily.

There are various registration firms that register domain names for clients online. There were times when the registration companies used to charge hefty amount of fees for domain name registration. But now, many companies have landed up in the domain selling business which has led to the drop down of the prices. It has become so cheap that even an individual can have his or her own domain name.

There are also options of choosing cheap domain names which are available on sale. There are many domain registration firms which can provide you inexpensive and pocket compatible domain names.

Sometimes the domain-name buyers are misled by the sellers that they offer value-added services with expensive domain names. But all this is false. Whether you buy a cheap domain name or an expensive one, domain name registration remain same with the fixed services.

Another area where the buyer can be misled is the expired domain name. Some domain names get expired and are banned from search engines because sometimes it is found that these domain names are used by spammers or for illegal means. In such cases, domain names are banned but some fraudulent agents try to resell them at cheaper costs. So, one should remain beware of them.

Last but not the least, domain name registration is a simple process and can be availed at cheap prices that are pocket-friendly. So, make a domain name and become a master in the online business by making your presence felt on the World Wide Web.,

source : http://www.articleboy.com/Article/Cheap-domain-seller-service/17317

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Article 07 October 2007 : Are Cheap Web Hosting Plan Enough?

Web Hosting establishments are constantly spreading their company name throughout the net building up their status hoping to increase reputation. Having said that, consumers look to find a web hosting plan to fit their budget and not only cheap domain names.

To elaborate, in order to satisfy customer\'s needs web hosting companies compete in full confidence to provide as much benefits as they can in their hosting plans. Faraz Dayvandi, President of CRM www.cashrichmoney.com stated that in order to give the web hosting world what they want, you have to load as much benefits as you can in hosting plans.

Simply a cheap domain name registration is not enough anymore. Such benefits that come in almost every web hosting plans are: 100MB Banner-Free Hosting 1GB Monthly Traffic, 10 Email Accounts, Web/POP Email Access, FTP Access, Website Creator and many more. Is this really enough to satisfy customer\'s wants?

It certainly takes much more benefits than the ones mentioned above, however in order to decide on a web hosting plan, you need more than benefits. Trust and hacker safe programs are a crucial factor to look in to. Web Hosting companies want their customers to fully trust them and understand that the web hosting corporation they chose is reliable. Having said that, CRM www.cashrichmoney.com has provided such a site where consumers can compare top rated web hosting plans and not have to go struggle searching for it on the net.

CEO of CRM www.cashrichmoney.com Tal Lifschitz quoted, \"We believe consumers should have the option to check every web hosting plan on one single web page then decide to make a purchase. This eliminates the stress factor of endlessly looking for it on the internet.\" Hopefully, web hosting consumers realize the potential of not having to stress out over endless options not given to them.

Article Source: articleboy.com