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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Link to a forum : Godaddy / Name Cheap Coupon Codes....

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08-01-2005 (670 posts)
"Hello guys,
can someone please
share their godaddy/namecheap coupon codes so we can save a few bucks off each domain.

I used to have "david" for godaddy, and that would take $1 dollar off, then expired, now the current code for godaddy is "USA6" and that will save you one dollar per order, so order one domain per order to get for $7.95+$0.25 = $8.20 and Namecheap has the code "SAVE7993" and you get domains for $7.99+$0.25.

Can anyone share a BETTER coupon with me/us? I am only looking for ONE more dollar off, I have $1 dollar off coupons but I know a few people that have told me they have used $2 off coupon and the one I had expired.

Replies are MUCH appreciated, that extra dollar off will REALLY help when you think about dozens of domains, were' talking about saving $30 bucks.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Link to a forum : where to register cheap domain?

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10-04-2007 (22 posts)

can someone tell me where is the trusted place to register cheap domain (<7$) style="font-weight: bold;">"

see this forum at : http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?s=b3c0c2b5d89295930c32dbc2d811ad33&t=639615

Monday, December 3, 2007

Link to a forum : Need a cheap domain name

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"I got $6.25 in my paypal and am looking to buy a .com

anyone know where i can?"

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Link to a forum : Cheap Domain Registration, Where?

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Feb 17 2007
"I was wondering where I could get some cheap domain registration. I have 3 websites at the moment and /forum and /forums for each site is a little tedious. Is there a way I could get some cheap domains? I saw one for 4 dollars + 1.50 for forwarding, but it jumps up to 13 dollars the year after. I am afraid this is a scam and if I register with them, they can keep the domain after it expires and I cant have it unless I pay the fee.

I plan on registering 3 domains for now."

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