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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Article : How To Buy A Cheap Domain Name

Submitted By: Joseph Francis

Are you interested in purchasing a cheap domain name but don't know how to look for one?

You might also be thinking I don't want to build a website why do I need a domain name anyway?

Recently I was looking at a way of centralising my online transactions because orders were being placed via a few different website's. I decided I that I would build 1 website to manage the orders as the central ordering point for all of my transactions.

In doing this I needed to purchase another domain so I went off on my search. During this search its where I had stumbled across .info domain names and I was surprised that they only cost $3 from Name Cheap.

Not only are these domains cheap but there are also a few good dictionary names available for the .info extension.

Domain names have 2 great uses. The first use is if you want to setup a website and e-mail account.

The second use is to set up your own custom e-mail address without setting up a website in which is becoming a popular option for many people today.

Both options require your domain name DNS to be configured to your webhosting account DNS and you can do this easily via your Name Cheap account.

You might be thinking why would I want to create my own custom email address?

Lets say you have an issue with your ISP and you need to get a new ISP provider. By having your own e-mail address using your own domain name you won't need to worry about giving your friends your new e-mail account when you change ISP. Remember you will be using your own email from your domain name so your ISP will be providing Internet access only and no matter how many ISP's you change you won't need to worry about telling your friends and family your new e-mail address.

Cheap reliable hosting accounts that have an e-mail option can cost from $3 a month up to $5.


source : http://www.isnare.com/?aid=105864&ca=Internet


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